Committed Swiss artisan roaster

Unsurprisingly we are coffee roasters, but we are more than that and if you want to know more, just read the nice texts that we spent time writing for you (and Google too to be honest with you ), or if you don't care and just want to buy coffee, just go to our online store .


Our vision

It all begins one fall morning when Brandon realizes that his morning coffee…. (blah, blah, blah)..

We could continue to tell you a great story that would be a great seller for our Insta “stories” or our commercial brochures. But in the end, it wouldn't fit with what we're trying to do with our coffees. Our transparency applies everywhere, even on our website.

So the real story is this.

Once upon a time… Oh no! I'll start again, sorry 🙂

It all started in 2017, and the creation of our company Bean2me, whose mission is to make corporate breaks healthier and more sustainable, particularly coffee breaks. Once our business plan is completed and the search for our suppliers is underway, we quickly realize that finding quality coffee with real traceability will be very complicated. Therefore, we use a roaster who agrees to collaborate with us to create our coffees, with our specifications. From there, Chronic was born. In 2023 we acquired our roaster, a beautiful, brand new Loring, and finally began to fully control the value chain, and we are very proud of it.

Our vision

Since 2017 we have been roasting quality coffees with the mission of becoming the most virtuous roaster in Switzerland.

We favor the short circuit by roasting our coffees in Chêne-Bourg. Behind Chronic. coffees, there is a rigorous selection of each coffee bean, coffees only labeled Organic & Fairtrade, and the know-how of a team of artisan roasters. All our coffees are freshly roasted, just a few days old, to offer you fresh coffee, every day, and an experience incomparable to an industrial coffee shop.
We believe that it is possible to combine taste pleasure and environmental responsibility, and we are committed to offering you exceptional coffee, through its taste, and sustainable, through its actions.

Our mission

“Produce high quality coffee by making it as sustainable as possible.”

An unfailing commitment, for superior quality, sustainable coffee beans


Our team is made up of true enthusiasts, dedicated to every aspect of coffee growing, from harvest to cup. We believe in the importance of creating close connections with our producers, sharing our love for coffee, and supporting sustainable practices that preserve the environment and communities. When you choose our coffee beans, you join our mission to make coffee an exceptional experience, while preserving its quality, and reinforcing our commitment to sustainability. Come and discover the difference of a coffee that combines passion, quality and responsibility.


A sharp selection of green coffee

We believe that great coffee starts with making smart choices from the start. That's why we place an uncompromising emphasis on our sourcing and selection of green coffee.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability goes beyond words. We work in partnership with producers to promote responsible agricultural practices, thus contributing to the preservation of biodiversity and the improvement of farmers' living conditions. We exceed the requirements of specialty coffee, our labels and annual audits speak for us.


To obtain high-quality coffee beans in a cup, the roasting process is essential and complex. Aurélien and Fédérico, our two master roasters, have mastered the complex art of roasting, and are Roasting Pro SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) certified, a guarantee of our commitment to craftsmanship and quality.

Our roasting is carried out on the Rolls-Royce of roasters, the Loring S15, the most ecological and innovative machine on the market. This cutting-edge technology allows us to preserve the unique aromas and flavors of each bean, while reducing our environmental footprint. We roast in small batches of 15 kg each day.

With years of expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we push the boundaries of roasting to create unique flavor profiles


We pride ourselves on our complete transparency, because we believe in a new business model, and we believe our customers deserve to know where their coffee comes from. Each grain is traced back to its source, guaranteeing authentic origin and exceptional quality. Our relationship with our producers is based on fairness and respect, thus ensuring dignified working conditions and a fair income for our partners.

We are proud to carry the Organic, Fairtrade, B Corp and 1% for the Planet labels, as they validate our commitment to environmental sustainability and responsibility. When you choose our coffee, you support nature-friendly agricultural practices, fair trade relations and initiatives to preserve our planet.

Join us in our quest for premium coffee that changes the coffee world on our scale, one cup at a time.