01 PM

A big sluggish in the early afternoon? Grab some outbound Chronic. 01 PM. The next stops for this ground coffee are Colombia, India and Nicaragua. An enchanting journey full of emotions and flavours. You'll return delighted...and reinvigorated!

Strength :

CHF 13.00
CHF 13.00

What are we drinking?

Origin :
The 10H16 comes from Ethiopia in the West Wellega region, which produces a so-called “natural” (unwashed) coffee of great finesse. It is increasingly renowned among roasters. Although the region produces almost exclusively plain coffee (over 90%), efforts have been made in recent years to promote the “washed” method.

Variety :
Plain Arabica | Natives (Heirloom, etc.)

Altitude :
1800 - 2200m

Post-harvest process:

Roast profile: