10 AM

Already 10AM? It's time for Chronic. organic coffee beans. The sun is slowly rising over dewy grass in the cool morning air.... You slowly roam the highlands of Ethiopia, taking full advantage of the here and now. Nothing can disturb this feeling of serenity. Nothing, except your colleague because the coffee break just ended! I can't wait for the next one....

Strength :

CHF 12.50
CHF 12.50

What are we drinking?

Origin :
The 10H16 comes from Ethiopia, from the Western Wellega region which produces a so-called “natural” (unwashed) coffee of great finesse. It is increasingly renowned among roasters. Although the region produces almost exclusively plain coffee (over 90%), efforts have been made in recent years to promote the “washed” method.

Variety :
Plain Arabica | Natives (Heirloom, etc.)

Altitude :
1800 - 2200m

Post-harvest process:

Roast profile: