CHF 8.50


Espresso blend

Does it happen to be snack time, by any chance? Make yourself a cup of ground Chronic. 04PM coffee instead of poking around the kitchen. A real little treat with notes of almonds, chocolate, caramel and vanilla, which will delight even the sweetest of teeth, you'll see....


Flavor profile

  • Espresso machine = fine grind / espresso
  • Italian coffee maker and filters = medium/Italian grind
  • French Press coffee maker, and Chemex = coarse grinds / French Press

If you want to know more you can consult our specific page: Guide to grinds

Our packages are “ OK COMPOST ” certified, valve, seal, and label included. Your empty coffee packet can be placed with your organic waste, for industrial composting only .

Order before 2 p.m. , and your order leaves the same day. For next day delivery (excluding weekends)

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CHF 8.50

What are we drinking?

Each coffee is unique, thanks to its terroir and its specificities which give it its identity. Let yourself be transported by a coffee experience rich in flavors, where each variety tells the unique story of its origin. For us, coffee is more than a drink, it is an invitation to a sensory journey, highlighting the importance of terroir and cultivation methods in the creation of unique taste profiles.


Nicaragua, Brésil, and Tanzanie


Smallholder producers and Cooperativa Sacaclí
Icon coffee bean


Catuai and Maragogype



800m - 1800m



An artisanal coffee, roasted on demand in Switzerland

We pay particular attention to offering you extremely fresh coffees. Our coffees are roasted on demand in batches of 15kg, in order to enhance their aromas. We guarantee a roasting date of less than 30 days , so you can enjoy all the aromatics of your coffee.

All our coffees are roasted on site by Federico, in our Chêne-Bourg roastery in the canton of Geneva in Switzerland.

We fully control our production chain to offer you quality roasted products, with an authentic and unique taste.


100% ORGANIC coffees, for guaranteed green bean quality without chemicals


All of our coffees are Fairtrade certified, for ever more ethical coffees


1% of our annual turnover is donated to a foundation which is involved in the Alps via the program

Quality of our green coffees

Specialty Coffee 80+

Each grain is the fruit of a fair trade sector, ensuring impeccable traceability and exceptional cup quality. Rated above 80 out of 100 , our coffees open the doors to the prestigious world of specialty coffee.