04 PM

Does it happen to be snack time, by any chance? Make yourself a cup of ground Chronic. 04PM coffee instead of poking around the kitchen. A real little treat with notes of almonds, chocolate, caramel and vanilla, which will delight even the sweetest of teeth, you'll see....

Strength :

CHF 8.50
CHF 8.50

What are we drinking?

Origin :
[Brazil] From the region of Minas Gerais (meaning “General Mines” in Portuguese) was so named after the extensive and valuable mineral deposits that were discovered there in the 18th century. [Indonesia] The Flores region is very famous for the cultivation of Robusta. It is one of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia, it has several active and non-active volcanoes, which makes the soils very fertile.

Variety :
[Brazil] Arabica | Mundo Novo and Catuai
[Indonesia] Robusta | PO Box 534

Altitude :
[Brazil] 900 - 1100m
[Indonesia] 800 - 900m

Post-harvest process:
[Brazil] Natural
[Indonesia] Washed

Roast profile: